Rock Supplies offers a variety of services that you as a musician can make good use of. You can contact us for repairs and studio recordings, among other things.

In addition to our own facilities, we have a large network of professional musicians and producers, we also have contacts with local labels and venues. We are also familiar with various music teachers who provide singing lessons, drum lessons or other forms of music education.



Rock Supplies has a recording studio where you can record demos, singles and professional albums. The recording studio consists of a control room and our largest rehearsal room.

The studio has an extensive range of recording equipment. It is possible to record live with the entire band at once, as well as an extensive production with multiple overdubs. It is possible to have your music mixed – we also have external contacts for mastering.

If you want to hear what’s possible, listen to The Jig’s album Proximo Disco here. This band always practices in the Rock Supplies and also recorded and mixed this record in the studio. The studio is run by Max de Kok and Dimitri Gelens and can only be booked including producer / engineer.


Prices for studio recordings available on request.


CONTACT details studio:


Prijzen per dag

At Rock Supplies we have equipment and instruments available for external rental purposes like gigs. Here you find an overview of our instruments and prices.

Vocal Installation
2x 12 inch speakers
3x microphone
3x microfoon stand
2x speaker/monitor stand
Extra microphone incl. stand €15,-
Drumkit 5-part incl. cymbals €85,-
Drumkit 5-part excl. cymbals €75,-
Cymbal set€35,-
Guitar- or bass amp€50,-


At Rock Supplies we do maintenance and repairs for your instrument. Examples are professionally adjusting (bass) guitars, overhauling an amplifier or having your guitar refretted.

Make an appointment or come by with your instrument, so we can immediately make a price indication or send you a quote later – depending on the specific request.


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