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We’re back to share another amazing performance from our live video series ‘Rock Supplies Sessions’.

Session #2: Dani Antal & The Musos
Originally shot as the pilot for the series, this session was performed by alternative indie outfit ‘Dani Antal & The Musos’. Their songs span a variety of genres, from gloomy grunge to upbeat punk and dreamy surf music. Have a listen:

Dani Antal plays ‘Psychedelic Grunge’ songs on travel guitar and a loop station. His music is a mix of dreamy melodies and grungy riffs and the songs will take you on a journey across deserts, beaches, jungles and big cities.

It began in 2012, when he traveled to Australia where he busked on the streets and played in bars of Perth, Fremantle, Darwin and Melbourne. Equipped with nothing but his signature Martinez and a live-looping pedal, Dani wrote as he traveled, taking in the smells, sights and sounds and weaving them into his musical stories. Several years and many countries explored, he returned to Melbourne to produce his album ‘Meat Doesn’t Grow On Trees’, which was created as a tribute to Australia’s beautiful nature.

After returning home from his journeys, Dani moved to Amsterdam expanded his outfit to include ‘The Musos’. Within a couple of months, they’ve made their way to the heart of the local music scene, playing many of the local venues and even opening for Wolfmother at the Paradiso. Shortly after, Dani released his third album ‘Zwaef’, which included many tracks that reigned from his days in the outback. With a number of albums ready to be released later this year, Dani Antal & The Musos are giving us a glimpse of their future in this session, so turn up the volume and enjoy the full performance here.

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