At Rock Supplies we know music teachers who provide guitar-, bassguitar-, vocal- and drumlessons. On this page you will find some information about them, their instruments and their lesson styles. Feel free to contact us about lessons for other instruments and we might find you a teacher!


Music Teachers at Rock Supplies

 Dani Steevensz

  • Vocal lessons
  • Bass guitar lessons
  • Guitar lessons

With Dani (The Shout Academy) you will learn to produce your distinct vocal sound! In the lessons we’ll look for aspects that make you unique as a person, as a musician, as an artist. In these lessons we will develop a balanced approach to making your voice heard. Whether you’ve never sang before and are interested in the freedom of belting or you’re an experienced singer, speaker or even actor looking for support, everyone can learn. Sign up for a free intake and let’s get to work!


 Stein Kemper

  • Drumming lessons

Whether you have an innate sense of rythm or not, if you can count to 4 you’re well on your way to become a drummer. Transparent goals in combination with the right lesson material are the key to progress and will assure that students stay motivated and enjoy the art of drumming. Besides drumming itself there’s enough space and time for different subjects: how to best practice (with or without kit) or how to start a band. Since the beginning of Drumlessen Amsterdam to now I’ve provided hunderds of lessons and I keep developping myself as a teacher to provide the best outcome for my students. Together we’ll discover and develop your inner rockstar!


 Martijn Smit

  • Guitar lessons

Martijn Smit offers guitarlessons for players of all skill levels, starting at 8 years old. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced players, on both acoustic and electric guitars.

In the lessons we’ll focus on posture, technique, chords, improvisation, scales, theory, ear training, rythm, creativity, learning to play together and building a repertoire. There’s a broad variety in lesson materials in various styles: blues, rock, funk, soul, pop and much more.

The best way of learning will be evaluated for each student accordingly. We’ll also take your personal musical taste into account during the lessons. If the student wants to go in a certain direction, I will make a plan to achieve that goal.



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